Terms of Reference (PASC EC)

The PASC Executive Committee (PASC-EC)
Membership, terms of reference and working procedures of the PASC executive committee on regional standards and conformity issues.
Objective of PASC EC:
The PASC Executive Committee (PASC EC) has been constituted by PASC. PASC EC is responsible to PASC for the effective pursuit of PASC objectives including implementation of PASC policy as directed by PASC and for day-to-day management of PASC between meetings of PASC.

Membership of PASC Executive Committee is open to all members of PASC. Each PASC member may nominate a single person who will be their principal representative, who will generally be able to participate in meetings of the PASC Executive Committee and who will be the contact for all correspondence. This is essential to enable meetings to be highly focussed and to reduce the cost of hosting meetings. Members may, upon the advice of the Chair, nominate alternates for specific meetings.

The tenure of the position for individuals to PASC EC is at the discretion of the standards body that they represent. However, members should be aware of the need for a mix of experience and new members to address the issues of succession and enthusiasm on the executive committee.

On recommendation of the PASC EC, the Chair of the PASC EC is appointed by PASC for a three-year term from the members of the PASC EC and can be reappointed for additional three-year terms as agreed by PASC.

The PASC secretary will provide support services to the PASC EC.

Meetings of PASC EC are open only to its members except at the invitation of the PASC EC Chair.

In the event of a casual vacancy of an individual occurring, the country previously represented shall designate a replacement to complete the term of the previous member. Such replacements do not automatically assume any position of office held by their predecessor.

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