The Asia-Pacific region accounts for over 60% of the world’s population and has the highest levels of growth in the world. International standards are essential for this region, to facilitate trade; to spread knowledge, disseminate innovative advances in technology and improve market access for goods and services. The Pacific Area Standards Congress (PASC) was established in 1972 to strengthen the engagement and participation of the region in the international standardisation system.

This PASC website has been established to inform stakeholders of the work of PASC; the benefits of standards and to assist members effectively collaborate and promote the work of PASC and the role international standards in their country. We welcome your interest and input

Chantal GUAY


Chantal is the CEO of the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). She leads SCC’s efforts to promote voluntary standardization in Canada, as well as represents Canada in numerous international and regional fora including ISO, IEC and PASC.

In January 2019, Chantal was appointed as the Chair of the Pacific Area Standards Congress (PASC) Executive Committee. In that role, she chairs meetings of PASC members; represents PASC in its engagement with other regional and international bodies; and works with the PASC Secretary and members to set PASC’s strategic direction and work program.


PASC Secretary

Zul is the Head of Bureau for Public Relation, Cooperation, and Information Services at the National Standardization Agency of Indonesia (BSN). Zul has been appointed as the PASC Secretary, superseding Ms. Konny Sagala, for the term 2020-2022

As PASC Secretary, Zul and his team closely engage with the PASC members to continue the implementation of the PASC Strategic Plan for 2021-2025. He also coordinates PASC’s inputs to various international and regional standards, conformance and trade facilitation bodies.

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