Standards Education

Education is a foundational tool and it is a powerful driver of development according to the World Bank – it is also one of the strongest instrument for improving the quality of life, achieving gender equality, promotes peace and stability. Therefore, having Standards education can foster and boost economic growth and development.

More so, this can future proof the next generation of leaders and professionals due to an enhanced knowledge and awareness on the importance and benefits of standards in our daily lives. Standards education could inspire next generation to adopt and craft standards that are aligned towards sustainability, safety and security. Coupled with the creation of implementing policies and initiatives that are geared towards the greater benefit and quality services for end-users.

It is also imperative that Standards education create a learning experience that is interactive and inclusive to guarantee better appreciation, memory preservation of the value of standards. This solidifies the understanding on the benefits and positive impact of standards in our daily lives.

At the regional scale there are projects and publications created by the APEC which presents Case Studies exemplifying best practices and experiences of member economies relevant to Standards Education.

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